Flap Surgery

Flap Surgery

Flap surgery is the best option when treating advanced gum disease

Smiles at SummerHill Dental in Newmarket, Ontario offers flap surgery

Flap surgery is needed if a dental scaling and root planing procedure are not enough to reduce plaque buildup. This common surgery involves lifting back the gums and removing the tartar. Your gums will be lifted or folded back in the form of a flap. This gives the dentist direct access to the roots and bone under the gums

Your dentist then will clean plaque and tartar build up. If you have bone defects, your dentist may eliminate them. The gums are then sutured back in place so that the tissue fits snugly around the tooth again.

It is normal to have some discomfort or pain and some minor bleeding during the first 48 hours after the procedure although many find that common over-the-counter pain relievers are enough to relive this paint.

For more information about flap surgery contact the dentists at Smiles at SummerHill Dental in Newmarket, Ontario

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