Periodontal Exams

Periodontal Exams

Diagnose gingivitis and other gum diseases with a Periodontal exam

Smiles at SummerHill Dental in Newmarket, Ontario offers Periodontal exams

A Periodontal exam is a series of steps that determine the health of patients’ gum tissues. A Periodontal exam can help you diagnose gum diseases, gingivitis, periodontitis, exposed roots, tooth grinding and other dental problems not seen by a normal exam. During your periodontal examination, your dentist will check:

-For any lumps or abnormal areas in the mouth

-The colour, texture, size and shape of your gums

-How much plaque is on your teeth

-The depth of the space between your tooth and gum

Regular appointments with your dentist is key to preventing Periodontal and other oral diseases. To book your Periodontal exam contact the team at Smiles at SummerHill Dental in Newmarket, Ontario

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Last Updated On: August 15, 2016
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